Nutrition, Education and Wellness
        for the Whole Family
As a Parent Educator we walk the path with parents and answer your questions with you, not for you.

The Vision

Your child has behavioral and educational challenges and you just don't know what to do.

You have been working hard to help your child and noticed you haven't had time for yourself, family or friends.

This site was created to connect Education and Wellness. As a Holistic/Family Educator parents will have somewhere to turn to, to make needed changes for themselves, their children and their families.

We're here to help you Step By Step:
1) Understand your child's development, your parenting style and techniques for you and your child to reach their fullest potential.
2) Establish techniques in the home and school to decrease inappropriate behaviors and increase communication and social interaction.
3) Understand the importance of Wellness in regards to your child’s education and behaviors.
4) An u
nderstanding of how to apply the needed changes for yourself, your children and your family.
5) Balance your life with everyday routines.

TiaMarie Smith
M.S. Ed/Sped Early Childhood
Holistic Family Educator
Parent Support Services
Certified Holistitc Health Coach

Marina del Rey, CA
(310) 902-5046

"It is rare these days to find someone like Tia, who is as dedicated and caring."
-Temecula, California

"Ms. Smith is a dependable and efficient teacher. She possess a strong work ethic and is committed to her students."
-Queens, New York

"Tia is a wonderful teacher she explains everything so well."
-Los Angeles, California

"Tia is clearly dedicated to her work and the families she works with, and is great to collaborate with as a team member. I highly recommend Tia."
-Munira NY and UK

Full recommendations available upon request.
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